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Data Loss and Recovery Solutions
What is Data Loss?
Data loss is generally characterised by one or more of the following:

  • The inability to access any data from a previously functioning computer system or backup
  • The accidental deletion of files or the overwriting of data control structures
  • Corrupted or inaccessible files due to abnormal device operation or damage

Among other causes, data loss can be attributed to system or human error, adverse environmental conditions and device failure:

  • Human causes of data loss include intentional or accidental deletion or overwriting of files.
  • Virus damage, operating system or application software bugs or failed upgrades may also cause data loss.
  • Common physical causes of data loss include power loss or power surge, overheating, electrostatic ("static") discharge and any kind of physical damage to the storage device or medium.

General Data-Loss Prevention Tips
Software and Hardware

  • Document your systems and archive original copies of your software in a safe place.
  • Back up your files on a regular basis, then test and verify that your backup is a complete copy of the original. External drives are an excellent choice for this task.
  • Never upgrade software or hardware without a complete, verified backup available in case you need to restore data.
  • If you are using Microsoft Windows XP, establish System Restore Points before making any significant changes to your system.
  • Write a contingency plan and practise restoring your data in case of problems. Your contingency plan should require, as a minimum:
    • Locating all available backups, including dates and types of backup
    • Listing and locating all original software packages, detailing updates since the original installation
    • Locating and making ready an alternate computer.
  • Deploying firewalls and virus protection.
  • Deleting unused files and applications. Using a disc defragmenter, which is a program that is usually part of the operating system utilities.

Laptop Data Recovery
As they are often carried about and exposed to different environmental factors such as heat, water and dust, laptop and notebook computers are far more likely to experience data loss than their office desktop counterparts. Their portability makes these sophisticated and essential in-the-field devices prime candidates for data loss.
Mechanical and electrical failure, software corruption and human error all play a role in data loss. Here are some of the most commonly noted data loss symptoms and data accessibility problems:

  • Dropped notebook - no longer powers on
  • Inaccessible drives and partitions
  • Applications that are unable to run or load data
  • Corrupted data
  • Virus attacks
  • Hard disc component failure
  • Hard disc crashes
  • Damage due to fire or liquids

Data recovery from all types of storage media .If data can be stored on it, we can recover data from it.

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